Number One

Surprise your favourite person with an unique gift.

Is your “Number One” born between 1948-1980? Are you married or do you share an other special memory of a year from that period?

A cent with the date of that year is a wonderful symbol to let this person know how important he or she is to you.

The pieces of jewellery in this collection are handmade in Sterling Silver or Gold holding an original Dutch copper cent. The coins are cast in a special epoxy resin to prevent the copper from discolouring. This keeps them beautiful and protected against moisture.

In the shop

Looking for a great present for your “Number One”?
In the shop you will find different pieces of jewellery that I love to customize in the year of your choice.

Did you have something else in mind for your Number One?

Maybe you are thinking of another piece of jewellery with a cent in it, or another material?
Don’t hesitate to ask for the possibilities.

I’m always happy to help you.

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