Maintenance and care

By acknowledging a few precautions for use and maintenance, you will be able to keep your jewellery in perfect condition for a long period of time. A few recommendations:

  • Please remove your jewellery before going to bed, it will help you minimize signs of wear & tear substantially.
  • Likewise, before taking a shower or a dive in the pool, before cleaning your house, or working in the garden; even gentle household cleaners can be harmful. Keep your jewellery safe from unnecessary impacts and scratches from tools & weights and remove it before your workouts.
  • It is also best to avoid putting on perfume and make-up while wearing your jewellery: chemical ingredients contained in cosmetics are harmful to certain stones and metals.


Silver can turn black / tarnish over time. This has nothing to do with the quality of the silver but is a natural process. Silver oxidizes under the influence of sulfur in the air, but also, for example, from the use of chemicals in cleaning products. Certain medication or a high pH level of the skin can cause silver to change color. To which degree it will affect silver varies from person to person.

To remove tarnish, you can carefully clean your jewellery with silver cleaning liquid. Be careful around any stones in the jewellery and try to avoid brushing the epoxy in the jewellery altogether.

This does not apply to jewellery where the silver has deliberately been blackened as style finish. These must not be treated with a silver cleaner.

Please note that blackening (tarnish) of your jewellery is not covered by the return policy.

Cleaning and Care

If you wish to clean your jewellery at home, we recommend the use of warm water, soft soap and a soft brush. Always dry your jewellery thoroughly after cleaning with a soft cloth.

No Time To Waste

The timepieces in the “No Time To Waste” collection are coated with a layer of extra-hard UV epoxy. This is to keep out dust and dampness, but also ensures nothing gets caught in the small parts. Please note that over a longer period, when frequently worn, the surface may show tiny scratches, similar to what can be noticed on a watch with a synthetic or plastic watch-glass.


Regardless of which finish; time and wear are bound to take their toll on your jewellery.

If your jewellery has a matte finish, it may become slightly shinier from wearing, whilst a polished piece of jewelry can become a bit dull after a while. This is a normal process. Scratches are only a matter of time with any finish, but they may show more quickly with a matte finish than with a polished one. (The scratches will be there regardless, but they may be less obvious with the polished finish.)

Jewellery made of blackened or oxidized silver is true sterling silver, but its surface has been intentionally darkened by introducing it to a chemical process. As with any patina, ‘oxidizing’ or blackening silver, is just a surface treatment and does not change the internal colour or properties of the metal. This means that over time, depending on how often you wear the piece, the black finish will polish off on the impact surfaces, so that the original silver colour will be visible again.

All these changes in the material caused by wearing are unavoidable and often beautiful. Should you prefer to uphold the original appearance as much as possible, we recommend you have your jewellery refurbished once a year.

Rings and bracelets

Rings and bracelets will show signs of wear more quickly because they are “more sensitive to impact” than pendants and earrings. Nevertheless, with a bit of care and regular wear you will be able to enjoy your jewellery for a long time without any problems.

Should you have any questions after reading the above, feel free to contact us at any time.